John Stamos on Losing His Virginity and Jamming With Willie Nelson


Have mercy! John Stamos phoned in to On Air with Ryan Seacrest to talk about his latest role as an uber agent on USA’s Necessary Roughness, as well as his other projects, like Losing It With Stamos.

John just returned from San Francisco’s Outside Lands musical festival, where “I played with Willie Nelson and Bob Weir which is a dream as always, he says. “Bob Saget’s birthday present to me was to come see Paul McCartney on Friday and we were going to go home yesterday, but Willie said, ‘You’ve got to play with us.'”

So what will John do for his upcoming 50th birthday? “I’m such a Disney guy, I thought we have to do Disneyland [for my birthday] and then I realized I’m 50.”

And when he’s not reliving his youth at Mickey Mouse’s home, Stamos has been hard at work. He explains that his decision to take on the role of Connor McClane, a powerful agent, on Necessary Roughness was due to the need to finally take on a more adult role.

“It was really interesting because, speaking of Disneyland, it’s this Peter Pan syndrome I have to get out of … and this is one of the great adult roles I’ve been offered and it’s this guy who has this duality about him and you don’t know if he’s good or bad … and it’s been fantastic. I did 10 episodes, so I’m finished now.”

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And with his new down time, John has dived into a new project: Chatting with celebrities about losing their virginity on his Yahoo! series Losing It With Stamos.

“I had the idea for years,” John explains. “I was at my parents’ house and I’ll never forget it … I had one of those meetings where they’re saying, ‘Come on in! Bring your ideas!’ And I had nothing. And at about 6 o’clock my old bass player from my band came over and she had brought her sister and I realized, ‘This girl’s really pretty, Wait a minute, I lost my virginity to her!’ It was a trip and I hadn’t seen her in 20 years so I said, ‘Wow there’s my show!'”

The actor, formerly known as Uncle Jesse on Full House, adds: “Back then, this was like 13 or 14 years … we sold it and then we couldn’t get guests…but now-a-days, it’s like … let’s tell the truth and have fun.”

For more from John, including his feelings on smoking pot, listen to the full interview above!

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