Left-Handers Day: 4 Inventions to Make Life Easier for Southpaws


In a world dominated by right-handed people, left-handers may feel a little slighted. Well, southpaws, today is your special day … it is National Left-Handers Day! (Fun fact: Oprah Winfrey, President Barack Obama, Angelina Jolie, Lady Gaga, and Justin Bieber are all lefties.)

While they may be a rare breed, there is an entire market that caters to their needs.

We all know about left-handed scissors, but did you know that these other weird items exist to make life easier for you? Check out the 4 inventions made specifically for lefties:

4. Boomerangs
Ever felt yourself left out of a good ol’ game of boomerang? Well, you’re in luck! There are boomerangs made to work best with your dominant hand. We never knew boomeranging was such a popular activity … but it’s good to know it can be enjoyed equally by everyone.

3. Pens
If there’s one thing a left-handed person complains about, it’s the ink and pencil smudges he or she gets on their hands when writing. Some lefties who were sick and tired of inky palms decided to invent non-smudge pens to cater to the non-right handed writer! These pens are angled in a certain way to avoid any rubbing action.

2. Jar Spoon
Have you ever reached for a jar of jelly or mayo, only to find that it’s almost gone? The jar spoon is specifically designed to a) reach the inner corners and crevices of jars to scrape the last of its tasty contents and b) work for a left-handed person.

1. Can-Openers
Have you ever considered how hard opening cans must be for those of us who aren’t righties? It’s such an issue, though, that there’s left-handed can openers! Now lefties can unscrew their tomato soup with the greatest of ease.