Avril Lavigne Teases ‘Rock N Roll’ Music Video in Her First Promo


The countdown begins for the release of Avril Lavigne’s new punk-rock video “Rock N Roll,” as the Canadian songwriter teases fans with a rebel-themed promo video on Tuesday.

The clip opens with an eerie chime and the words “Some days you’re rockin’ out with your super cool missile-equipped car” are displayed on the screen. The next shot is a profile of the newly-married rock star leaning back on an American muscle car with an abandoned diner in the background.

Listen: Avril Lavigne Upholds Rebel Status in New Single ‘Rock N Roll’

Then a church bell rings and the words “Other days you’re kicking a bearshark’s a**” appear, immediately followed by a short scene of an angry Avril swinging a half-guitar, half-saw contraption.

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The much-anticipated video premieres on August 20 and the single is available for purchase on August 27.

Are you ready to rock ‘n’ roll with Avril?