Jimmy Fallon Compares Baby Winnie Rose to Newest XBox Game


Jimmy Fallon is not only a new dad, but an Emmy nominee, too!

The talk show host phoned in to On Air with Ryan Seacrest to talk fatherhood and taking over for Jay Leno on The Tonight Show.

Jimmy — who is nominated for Outstanding Variety Series — gushes that baby Winnie Rose is “the most precious thing in the world.” He adds that he’s confident in carrying his less than-a-month-old daughter in the “football hold” now. “I think after two days you realize they’re fine, you dont have to be that delicate with the baby. You can hold them, it just becomes second nature.”

Jimmy’s such a fan of being a dad, he admits he’s unable to put baby Winnie down for bedtime! “It’s so fun. It’s not like the movies you see. It’s not like anyone tells you. You have to experience it for yourself … it’s so much fun. It’s like the best video game ever. It’s like playing the newest Xbox … and what the next game will be, it’s just so much fun.”

“We’re doing a sleep schedule, so I actually have to put her down to go to sleep, which is a bummer because it’s like someone telling you, you cant play anymore.”

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Jimmy has also dominated the swaddle. Dubbing it “like an awesome burrito,” he jokes, “Now I’m a master. I want to swaddle everything!”

And aside from spending time with his new daughter and all that comes with fatherhood, Jimmy’s busy gearing up to take over The Tonight Show, which kicks off February 17 on NBC. “We’re classing it up a little bit,” Jimmy says of the new studio in New York City. “We put a lot of money into the studio just to make it look cleaner and classier. It’ll be a really nice look.” He adds that it has the best sound and will be “great for bands.”

Speaking of bands, Jimmy confirms he’ll “absolutely” be taking The Roots with him. “There wasn’t a second in my head we didn’t think about going with The Roots … They’re going to get a cooler stage!”

Listen to the full interview above to hear what odd things Jimmy keeps in his old school brief case and more.