Anna Kendrick Talks ‘Cups’: Plus, ‘Pitch Perfect’ Holiday Album!


Cups (When I’m Gone) continues to do perfectly well on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart!

Anna Kendrick Releases Adorable ‘Cups (When I’m Gone)’ Video

Pitch Perfect star, Anna Kendrick, took to Instagram on Tuesday to share her surprise over the song’s success. (It is currently No. 6.)

“How I feel about having a song in the billboard top ten for five weeks. #ItDefiesLogic” the 28-year-old actress and singer captioned the video below.

Furthermore, Pitch Perfect actress Hana Mae Lee, who played the quiet student Lilly in the 2012 musical-comedy, revealed exciting news that is sure to hit another high note for fans.

This Christmas, they can receive one amazing gift: a Pitch Perfect holiday album!

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“We have a holiday album coming out so stay tuned,” Hana told MTV  during Sunday night’s Teen Choice Awards, where the movie won four awards. “I’m going to be singing a very special song.”

“There are Christmas classics,” she continued. “I’ll be singing ‘Silent Night.’ I’m pretty sure it’s going to be all a cappella. You know, for our Pitch Perfect soundtrack, it’s all a cappella — even the percussion. It’s all us, so it’s going to be sweet though because it’s going to sound like there’s other things, but it’s all us.”

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Although we have to wait until 2015 for Pitch Perfect‘s sequel, at least the holidays are right around the corner!