Throwback TV: Why You Should Go Back and Watch ‘Boy Meets World’


Oh, the ’90s ― a time when being responsible meant keeping our Nano Pets alive, the finest jewelry were Ring Pops, and our lessons about everyday life and love were taught by the cast of Boy Meets World.

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We saw curly-haired Cory Matthews, played by Ben Savage, go from a pre-pubescent boy to a married man, and for seven seasons, we grew up with him. We laughed with him and his friends, rooted for Cory and Topanga’s epic romance, cried during those heartwarming moments, and took in all the wisdom Mr. Feeny bestowed upon us.

From 1993 to its last episode in 2000, the ABC hit sitcom provided a storyline that fans valued for its advice and characters they could relate to.

With Girl Meets World, the spin-off series set to premiere in 2014 which will follow Cory and Topanga’s daughter Riley Matthews (Rowan Blanchard), we can’t help but feel nostalgic over the original TV show.

‘Girl Meets World’ Gets Green Light From Disney Channel

In honor of #ThrowbackThursday, we give you 5 reasons why we love Boy Meets World, and why you should go back and watch all seven seasons!

5. Although Boy Meets World had a different theme song for almost every season, we just can’t help but sing along to Season 5 and 6’s catchy tune!

4. If we want a good laugh, we just have to listen to Eric Matthews call on Mr. Fe-he-he-he-he-nay!

3. Tears just come naturally during Boy Meets World‘s final scene with Mr. Feeny’s last words of wisdom … which we always hold near and dear to our hearts!

2. We believe the term “bromance” stemmed from Cory and Shawn’s lifelong friendship. These best friends have been through it all!

1. From elementary school to college, Cory and Topanga have shown us that true love exists!