Ashton Kutcher on Playing Steve Jobs, ‘Teen Choice Awards’ Speech


Ashton Kutcher, who recently took on the role of tech icon Steve Jobs in the upcoming flick Jobs, phoned in to On Air with Ryan Seacrest to reveal what he learned about the Apple founder, as well as what was behind that motivating Teen Choice Awards speech.

The movie, which reveals all stages of Steve’s life from the age of 19 to 48, begins with Jobs facing opposition. “I think it’s easy to forget that Steve Jobs wasn’t always Steve Jobs,”
says Ashton. “He probably called poeple when he was starting his business and people said, ‘Steve who?'”

Ashton adds they filmed a lot “in the garage where they started Apple,” and that the company really began as “two guys with a friendship and an idea.”

“I think generally that’s how great things are built. It’s really just passion and hard work and it’s kind of why … I took [the role] on because people are always talking about how there are no jobs out there, so maybe it’s we’ll create our own jobs … but that being said, it’s not going to be easy.”

Watch the Trailer for Jobs Here

Although Ashton didn’t get the chance to meet the late Jobs in person, he did study hundreds of videos and audio clips to portray him and explained the reason Jobs dressed in such a signature way was due to “a couple of things.”

“He always said it was his uniform and there’s a lot of talk about him admiring the uniform nature of things in Japanese culture and I think it was a function of comfort and … I think it was really efficient … I think he spent time thinking a lot about products and innovation and building things and he didn’t want to think about what he wore everyday and I think the last thing is, when we saw him in the black turtleneck and jeans and shoes, we knew he was going to be in the black turtleneck, the jeans, and the shoes. So it didn’t take any attention away from the product that he was presenting … and it made the product the feature.”

See Ashton as a Young Steve Jobs Here

And while the actor has received praise for his portrayal of the inventor, he’s also gotten positive feedback for the inspiring speech he made at the 2013 Teen Choice Award on Sunday. So what inspired the Choice Ultimate Award winner’s speech?

“I think that right now we’re in a little bit of sticky time. There was a quote I had read by Hunter S. Thompson that said, ‘This generation will be the first generation that won’t be as well off as our parents’… so I had this growing feeling inside me that somehow people were looking down at regular blue collar jobs.”

“And I felt like you can’t replace hard work and nobody is going to give us anything in this life. [And] it’s important to remember, when you see movie stars … we all started from the same place and everybody who is there somehow worked their way there. It doesn’t just happen.”

“If we want to make the world a better place … We are going to have to build it. I just felt like I was given the Ultimate Choice Award and I don’t know how many more Teen Choice Awards I’ll be invited to go to, but I felt like if I didn’t take that opportunity to share what I’ve learned through the process then I was probably missing an opportunity to share something pretty important.”

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