Christina Grimmie Opens up About Her Unusual Talent, Celeb Crush


Christina Grimmie Week comes to a close!

After peformances Monday to Thursday, including her cover of Mariah Carey‘s “#Beautiful” and three of her own original songs, today the singer — who’s currently on tour with Selena Gomez — sits down with us for an exclusive interview.

Christina Grimmie Covers Mariah Carey’s ‘#Beautiful’

Our first question for Christina: What is her unusual talent? “I can sound like a monkey, like really good,” she laughs … and then acts it out (you’ll have to watch to see!).

As for her celebrity crush, she says it’s actually a fictional character: Link from Nintendo’s Legend of Zelda video game series.

Christina Grimmie Rocks Original Song, ‘Tell My Mama’

For more from Christina, including how she got discovered by Selena’s mom, what advice she has received from the “Come & Get It” singer, and her most embarrassing moment, watch the video above!