Madonna Turns 55! Her Fashion Trends Through the Years


One of the music industry’s most outstanding artists turns 55 today! Madonna has stood the test of time by continuously producing fun, catchy pop music enjoyed by all ages.

The Material Girl’s ability to stay relevant over the past three decades is due in part to her chameleon-like image: Each tour she debuts a new style, a new sound, and a new look. Madonna always keeps things fresh and interesting!

In celebration her 55th birthday, let’s take a look at some of her most famous styles throughout the years!

10. 1984: Like a Virgin

How could you forget Madonna on her Like a Virgin tour? Clad in a poofy white tutu, white corset, and adorned with pearls and lace gloves, Madonna was the controversial “virgin” prancing across stages, including the MTV Video Music Awards. Her sexy and frilly get-up has inspired Halloween costumes for decades and continues to be an amazing and infamous outfit.

9. 1987: Who’s That Girl

In 1987, Madonna chopped off her long locks and went with a platinum pixie cut. On the Who’s That Girl tour, the performer wore nothing but leotards as a throwback to the disco era in the ’70s.

8. 1989: Like a Prayer

The pop star ditched the platinum blond in favor of a dark brunette and let her curls fall over her shoulders in the “Like a Prayer” music video. She toned down her wardrobe in the vid and gave fans a surprisingly simple version of her usually-extravagant self.

7. 1990: Blonde Ambition

Madonna debuted a sleek platinum hairstyle and cone-cupped corset on her Blonde Ambition tour in 1990. Her gold garb is ultra sexy and quirky at the same time.

6. 1993: Girlie Tour

Madonna went tribal for her Girlie Tour when she appeared onstage in a beaded bralette and extravagant headdress. The Dolce and Gabbana outfit was super glamorous and unique.

5. 2000: American Pie

Madonna looked pretty average (for her) in her music video for “American Pie.” The normally crazily-clad singer looked super casual in jeans and a tank top, with a tiny tiara perched on her head. The look was super toned down for Madonna, but she rocked it so well!

4. 2001: Drowned World

During this tour, Madonna rocked punk-meets-school girl costumes and masculine coats and hats for a tomboy-ish image. She channeled hip-hop influences during her performance of “Holiday” in Detroit, a surprising step away from her usually sexy, feminine performances.

3. 2005: Hung Up

In 2005, Madonna took another cue from the ’70s in her “Hung Up” music video, looking like an urban disco-doll and showed us that even at 48-years-old, she still knew how to shake it. We’re digging the Farrah Fawcett hair, too! Can those bangs have a comeback, please?

2. 2008: Sticky and Sweet

Mega-famous Madonna showed off her sporty side in a pair of red dolphin shirts and thigh-high socks when she performed “Into the Groove” on her Sticky and Sweet Tour in 2008. This lady sure knows how to get her cardio work-out on while singing at the same time!

1. 2012: Super Bowl

In 2012, Madonna took inspiration from her Girlie Tour style and sported a shiny gold Gladiator head dress during her Super Bowl performance. Despite being 54 at the time, she worked that stage with energy and finesse, proving that age is truly just a number. Madonna shows off her staying power as a top artist by keeping fans on their toes and constantly experimenting with shocking and surprising fashion trends.