‘Paranoia’ Star Amber Heard Doesn’t Consider Herself a Celebrity


Amber Heard is taking on the role of Liam Hemsworth‘s character’s love interest in new thriller Paranoia.

Playing Jenna, Paranoia focuses around Liam’s character who gets caught in between two tech tycoons after he’s forced to spy on his boss’s old mentor.

And with all the insight on how easy it is to hack and spy on people with modern technology, we had to ask Amber, does she consider herself a celebrity now that her whole life is on display?

Liam Hemsworth Talks Computer Hacking & New Movie Paranoia

Amber tells On Air with Ryan Seacrest:  “I wouldn’t call myself one really. I know that some people pay attention to my personal life and I question their judgement but in all seriousness I like the story telling process and that’s all I’m here to do.”

We can’t deny, we are pretty interested in her relationship with Johnny Depp!

Catch Paranoia in theaters today.