‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’: Kim’s Obsessed With Kylie


On this Sunday’s Keeping Up with the Kardashians, we got to meet yet another family member!

Bruce‘s mother Esther is newly widowed and is feeling lonely, so he decides his wife and kids need to spend more time with her, especially for her upcoming birthday. But convincing Kris to make the trip to Idaho is harder than he thinks.

Kris explains that Bruce’s mom, who has she only seen four times, has yelled at her in the past, and “I stay away from people like that … Why would I go visit somebody who can’t stand me?”

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Kim, meanwhile, has become obsessed with youngest sister, Kylie, and keeps telling anyone who will listen how cool the teen is and that she badly wants to be more like Kylie.

But Kylie is more annoyed by her big sister’s enthusiasm .. and constant text messages. “Kim acts like my blog is Vogue magazine. I’m over it!”

During dinner with a friend, Kris opens up about her feelings towards Bruce’s mom and starts to cry because Esther has had no relationship with Kylie or Kendall either. Kris adds that she had a fantastic relationship with her ex-husband Robert Kardashian’s parents, and she misses that.

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Kim’s fascination with Kylie quickly hits the skids when she realizes that her little sister raided her closet and hit a movie premiere in her own pricey clothes. “Kylie doesn’t have the time ti respond to me, but she snuck into my closet and stole my clothes. I am livid!”

Kris may not have wanted to travel to Idaho to see Bruce’s mother, but she’s come to the west coast. When Bruce picks her up, she admits she’s “never felt close to Kris.” Still, he encourages her to take his wife aside and tell her she loves her.

Once Esther walks in the Jenner home, everyone greets her, as Kris hangs back. “It’s kind of awkward, there’s no eye contact,” she explains. But once Esther gets a cocktail, she loosens up and has a great time with her family, even Kris!

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If only those good feelings could rub off on Kim and Kylie. The pregnant star is still miffed her sister raided her closet, so she decided to take back some of her things that Kylie “borrowed” and never returned.

In the end, Esther does take Kris aside and express that she wished they had been closer. She even tells Kris she’s been “good” for Bruce, which means a lot to Kris. “Better late than never,” she says. “Life is too short to hold a grudge.”

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