Jade Novah Puts on Quite a Show in ‘Show Out’ Music Video


As Jade Novah sings in “Show Out,” “Ladies and gentlemen, get ready for the main attraction” … the song’s new BRPR directed music video, which RyanSeacrest.com is exclusively premiering.

The video begins with the theatrical R&B singer having a quiet moment in her dressing room before her first major performance.

As show time draws near she puts on quite a performance as she preps in her dressing room! Dressed in a shimmery bejeweled jacket a la a circus ringmaster, Jade evokes a true entertainer as she sings, “This is your chance / Blow ’em away / Life is a circus / The world is your stage.”

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“Show Out,” which was produced by Devin Johnson and is off of her upcoming debut album, In Search of Me, is about self confidence and being proud of who you are, says Jade, and she’s even created self-empowerment movement, “My #ShowOut Moment” where she asks fans to write about their most proud accomplishments.

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