Lady Gaga Goes for Simple Look in ‘Applause’ Video: Watch


One week after releasing her new single, “Applause,” Lady Gaga is now showing off its music video.

In the artsy clip, Mother Monster is mostly in black and white, except for when she wears the multi-colored makeup she dons on the single’s cover.

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There are also some other colorful moments: Like when Gaga is dressed up in a look from her former era in a fluorescent yellow wig and covered in fake blood and another scene where her head is put on a black swan’s body.

Gaga even pulls off a pretty cool choreographed number with her dancers … wearing a bikini top made to look like two hands are holding her up, so to speak.

When Gaga was on On Air with Ryan Seacrest last Monday, she revealed that “Applause” nearly didn’t make her ARTPOP album.

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Jimmy Iovine was there and we had played him 40 songs he wouldnt let me take my computer with me,” she explained.”And at the end, we had a couple glasses of wine, and … ‘Applause’ almost didn’t make the album. We played ‘Applause’ last and Jimmy looked at me and said, ‘Every record that you played me is better than the one that you played before it, so the last one should be your first single.'”

What do you think of her new video for “Applause”?