21 Reasons Why Demi Lovato Is One of Our Favorite Celebs


Today is a landmark in Demi Lovato‘s life…she turns 21!

These past few years have been a crazy whirlwind for her so she deserves an amazing, relaxing, and fun birthday this year. Demi’s struggle with real-life issues and her ability to bounce back from dark times is just one of the many reasons why we love her. In honor of her 21st, we compiled a list of 21 things we love about Demi!

21. She Has Gorgeous Hair
Whether it’s platinum blond, dark brown, or tinted pink, Demi’s got one of the best heads of hair around. She pulls off that effortless “just-rolled-out-of-bed” look and also can go glam with hair that’s super styled.

20. She Pulls Off Bad-Girl Style…
Demi’s got that Disney princess-gone-punk style going on, and we totally love it. She is always adorned in the coolest rock ‘n’ roll jewelry and super-cool black, denim, and leather get-ups. She’s so on top of the fashion trends!

19. But Can Also Look Super Sweet
Although she usually looks girly-tough, she can also be the picture of sweetness in feminine frocks and styled hair.

18. She Has Meaningful Tattoos
Although another young star may be going a little overboard with his tats, we love that Demi keeps her body art tasteful. All of her ink designs mean something important to her.

17. She Isn’t Afraid of Going Bare-Faced
We love a celebrity who doesn’t care if she has no make-up on. Recently, Demi tweeted this funny photo of herself sans face-paint and we can all agree she still looks amazing.

16. She Looks Great With a Mustache
How many girls can say they look gorgeous with a mustache? Not many, but Demi Lovato is definitely one of them. This goofy pic of her sporting a ‘stache is so cute!

15. She’s Besties with Ryan!
Any friend of Ryan’s is a friend of ours! Demi snapped this selfie with the On Air with Ryan Seacrest host himself.

14. She’s Silly!
There are so many celebs who only post posed pics of themselves looking red carpet ready … but Demi’s not one of them! She loves to be silly, and this picture of her with a funny expression proves that.

13. She Loves Giving Back
Demi recently partnered with Acuvue for the second time for their “One-Day” contest. One lucky fan got to spend an entire day with Demi! She shared her wisdom and advice with the aspiring singer.


— demetria lovato (@ddlovato) July 30, 2013


12. She Stays Close With Nick Jonas
Even though she broke up with his older brother Joe, Demi is determined to not let that get in the way with her friendship with Nick Jonas. The two support each other in their endeavors, which is so nice to see!

11. She is Incredibly Strong
After being seeking treatment, Demi emerged a stronger, happier person. We can’t imagine how difficult it must have been to go through such a sensitive time in the public eye, but Demi gained so much from her struggles and is now an inspiring role model for all of her fans who she encourages to love themselves. Aw!

10. She’s Wise Beyond Her Years
Demi’s life experiences have made her such an intelligent and inspiring young woman. Though she may be only 21-years-old, this starlet has such powerful advice to give.


— demetria lovato (@ddlovato) July 1, 2013


9. She Values a Good Manicure
While many celebs would require a luxurious spa treatment while getting their nails done, Demi shows that pretty much anything goes when she gets a mani! We think taking a nap while getting pampered is an awesome idea.

8. And Speaking of Nails, Hers ALWAYS Look Great!
Demi’s manicures are always so cool. We love how she gets so into putting intricate designs on them!

7. She’s Not High Maintenance … AT ALL
Although she could likely afford a chic hotel room, Demi is A-OK with napping on the floor. The singer posted this Instagram of herself in a deep sleep underneath a desk:

6. But When She Does Nap, She Does So in Style
Although Demi can pass out pretty much anywhere, when she chooses to be comfy she shows appreciation for her friend Ellen DeGeneres!

5. She’s Got a Glam Group of Girls
Demi is lucky enough to call the lovely ladies of Fifth Harmony and Little Mix her girlfriends! This stunning posse of singers makes for a powerful and fabulous group of friends.

4. She Has Good “Old-Fashioned” Fun
Demi can totally afford to buy a private concert for her and her pals or jet out on the coast in an extravagant yacht, but instead she chooses to chill with her bestie in an arcade! Demi’s down for some normal, fun playtime, and we love that.

3. She Shows Her Fans She Cares
Given her own struggles, Demi wants to use her fame for a good cause, so she launched a treatment program that covers the expenses for teens dealing with similar issues.


— demetria lovato (@ddlovato) June 27, 2013


2. She’s a Chart-Topping Artist
When she’s not getting her nails done or hanging out in arcades, Demi is producing some of the best music on the radio and hitting the top of the charts.

1. She Shows the World That She’s a Beautiful Person Inside and Out
Aside from being uber-talented and so gorgeous, Demi has proven that she is such a positive and kind-spirited person. Her desire to reach out and help complete strangers who may be facing the same demons she dealt with for several years is truly heartwarming, and her willingness to let loose and have fun makes her seem so relatable. Demi is an all-around good person, which is why she is one of our favorite celebrities. Happy birthday, Demi!