Joel McHale’s ‘The Soup’ Celebrates 500th Episode With Special Guests


E!’s hit comedy series The Soup is celebrating its 500th episode and 10 years with host Joel McHale with special live episodes … and all bets are officially off.

Airing two live broadcasts for the first time ever, the 500th episode will feature surprise celebrity guests. And with Joel having been a part of the hilarious show from the beginning, we had to wonder: What’s the biggest difference for him between the first and 500th episode?

“My ties started out really wide, then they got very skinny, and now they are wide again,” Joel jokes.

And in case you’re wondering who The Soup‘s top five most-wanted guests are, look no further…

The Soup Team’s Top 5 Most Wanted Guests and Why:

5. Huma Abedin – Seems like she’d put up with our crap.

4. Mama June’s Pilates Instructor – She tries as hard as we do.

3. Joel McHale – It would be nice to meet him in person.

2. Dick Van Dyke – We’ll spring for car service.

1. Ryan Seacrest – He’d make the studio smell better.

Catch The Soup‘s 500th episode milestone on August 21 at 10 p.m. ET/PT and online at E! Online and