Mark Burnett Dishes on ‘Epic’ Sequel to ‘The Bible,’ ‘A.D.’


The massively popular mini-series The Bible, produced by Mark Burnett, not only scored millions of viewers when it debuted on the History Channel, but is now nominated for three Emmy awards, including Outstanding Miniseries.

And with viewers loving the miniseries, Mark is offering fans a sequel!

The producer tells On Air with Ryan Seacrest: “We are doing a series called A.D., which is about the story of the 11 disciples who lived after the crucifixion. It’s an amazing story of love, and action, and adventure. It’s going to be epic.”

Mark Explains Why He Cast His Wife as Mary in The Bible

Mark also reveals the series — which he predicts could last 10 seasons! — will air on NBC, and you can expect the Bible cast to return once shooting begins in Morocco.