Kris Jenner Says Kanye West Will ‘Set the Record Straight’ on ‘Kris’


Kris Jenner has officially made mer “momager” mark on Kanye West.

The matriarch phoned in to On Air with Ryan Seacrest to talk about sitting down with daughter Kim Kardashian‘s beau and father to granddaughter North West on Kris on Friday.

Kris, who is “having the time of her life” hosting her talk show, admitted: “I was scared to death going into the situation where it’s a big responsibility, the show… has my name on it and I wanted to do a good job.”

But Kris has put her nerves aside as the finale of her test run ends on a high note with an interview with Kanye. “I’m so, so excited that we’re doing this. I think you’ll be very surprised at this interview,” Kris shares, adding that it’s a rare moment as “he doesn’t do talk shows and he doesn’t do interviews.”

So how did Kris get Kanye to sit down in front of a live audience and millions of viewers?

“Well, he’s my roommate,” Kris laughs. “So we were passing in the hallway one day and he started talking to me and he said he’d love to come on the show.”

“I think that he really felt it was about being family and he wanted to support me,” she adds. “I’m excited because I think no one knows the real Kanye, not even a clue.”

Despite being dubbed “Sad Kanye” and getting into numerous altercations with paparazzi, Kris admits her family knows a different Kanye. “I just want people to know who we fell in love with. I want people to see who he is as a human being and as a person and it’s important to me because I am a mom and he’s the father of my grandchild, so it’s important for him to say what he needs to say and set the record straight on a couple of issues.”

As for whether we will see baby North on the episode, Kris remains coy, only saying: “I guess you’ll have to watch the show tomorrow!”

However, the mom does admit she sees a change in the rapper after becoming a dad. “I just think being a parent changes anybody … and I think you’ll hear about those changes when you watch the show.”

As for how baby Nori is doing, she’s sleeping through the night from “time to time,” the grandma gushes. “She’s doing great though, she’s just thriving and she’s so beautiful and Kim has just amazed me for lack of a better word.”

“Kourtney and Kim are the best moms ever,” she continues. “They’re so dedicated and so into the breastfeeding and the nursing – just everything that goes along with motherhood. But what I love about it is Kim has really just bunkered down and she said she’s gonna spend the time with her baby and she loves what she’s doing.”

Well, we’re not gonna lie, we are seriously intrigued to meet the real Kanye! To catch Kris and Kanye’s interview, tune in to FOX on Friday. Check your local listings here.