Having a *NSYNC Viewing Party? Some Fitting Dishes to Serve


Our fingers and toes are crossed that *NSYNC will in fact reunite at the MTV Video Music Awards.

We’re definitely having a viewing party with friends so we can all scream and sing along together. In honor of the momentous occasion, we’ve added a few very *NSYNC-friendly dishes to the menu, based on their songs and the boy band members’ names.

Check them out … and serve them at your party too! Any others you can think of?

BLJT – Bacon, Lettuce, Jack Cheese, Tomato

Sloppy Joey Fatone

Grilled Lance Sea Bass

Sparin’ Up My Heart … Ribs

This I Hummus You

It’s Gonna Be Key … Lime Pie

Fries, Fries, Fries …

God Must’ve Spent A Little More Time on Soup

Tearin’ Up My Tart