Do You Have ‘Instacurity’? New Video Parodies Instagram


What’s the point of posting photos on Instagram if you don’t get lots of “likes,” right?

That’s the subject of a brand new parody video, “Instacurity,” which is set to Ariana Grande‘s “The Way,” and pokes fun of people’s “insecurity” when it comes to not getting enough attention on the photo-sharing social network.

“I love the way ‘likes’ make me feel,” sings Maria Zouroudis, whose voice is a ringer for Ariana.

Then the “Mac Miller” of the video, Louis “LoSo” Soriano, raps: “I’m thinkin’ ’bout it / Every second, every hour / Take my selfies in the shower / Pickin’ filters for the flowers, like / Will they “like” it? / Will they “like” it not? / I ain’t ‘instacure’ / I just post a lot.”

Watch the hilarious video above! Do you have “instacurity”?