KCON Recap: Fans Meet Their Favorite K-Pop Artists!


This past weekend marked an exciting event for K-Pop lovers!

KCON USA, a two-day K-Pop convention in Los Angeles, gave fans of the music genre an opportunity to attend panels, enjoy performances, and meet their favorite Korean singers.

KCON featured some of the genre’s hottest performers, from 2AM to Dynamic Duo. Fans could purchase meet-and-greet passes for the performers, which quickly became a trading game among people in line.

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K-Pop has recently gained traction internationally thanks to a little help from the internet and PSY‘s viral music video for “Gangnam Style.” The music blends hip-hop vibes with dance-pop influences and is usually performed by boy bands or girl groups, although DJ’s are also becoming quite popular on the K-Pop music scene.

At the convention, attendees had the opportunity to sit in on panels and completely immerse themselves in the K-Pop lifestyle. Some of the panels delved into K-Pop songwriting and even looking the part to be a Korean star. In between panels, fans had the opportunity to interact with the stars in an intimate setting and watch them perform.

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At the first K-Pop convention in 2012, about 10,000 people showed up for the one-day-only event. This year, they expanded to a full weekend convention, giving K-Pop lovers two days of musical heaven.

Clearly, KCON was an exciting event and shows just how far-reaching K-Pop is becoming!