Are You Using These Everyday Products Wrong?


Get ready to have your life changed forever! has come up with a list of 18 everyday items that you could be using wrong.

For example, take Reynolds aluminum foil … did you know there are little tabs on the side of the box that you can pop in so the entire roll doesn’t come flying out when you try to rip off a piece of foil to cover your leftovers?

Then there’s Tic Tacs. Ever try to get just one mint out of the container, but end up with a handful? There’s a simple solution for that: Just simply turn the box the opposite way and when you open it there’s a “dispenser” for one candy at a time … or as Ryan and Ellen like to call it, “a Tic Tac staging area.”

Another everyday product that just got a lot easier: natural peanut butter. If you use it, you know that the oil always gathers at the top and you have to stir it up (or dump it out) before you make a sandwich. Instead, what you should do is store it upside down so it “will all stay even.”

Ryan’s favorite? The fact that you can unfold a Chinese takeout box and make it into a flat plate!

For more life-changing info, check out Buzzfeed‘s list and listen to Ryan and Ellen reaction to it here: