‘Pretty Little Liars’ Finale Recap; Plus Prepare for ‘Ravenswood’


#WorldWarA has been declared, and it’s far from being over.

The season four finale of ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars aired on Tuesday and uncovered its “biggest reveal yet.” (Or did it actually?) The riveting episode led us to believe that Allison DiLaurentis is alive. However, if you’re a true PLL fan, you know from experience to question every reveal. After all, we’ve been tricked before!

While the finale answered several important questions, it also created even more. Is Ezra really A? If Allison IS alive, then where is she? Did Toby’s mom commit suicide? What happened to CeCe Drake? and What’s the deal with Ravenswood?

Lucy Hale shared her thoughts about the summer finale with ABC Family, encouraging fans to watch the two hour PLL Halloween special, which will air October 22 on ABC Family. In the episode, the Liars will take on the town of Ravenswood – a mysterious and supposedly “cursed” town just outside of Rosewood, Pennsylvania – in an attempt to find Allison before A does.

ABC Family’s spin-off show, Ravenswoodwill star Tyler Blackburn (who also plays Caleb in PLL!), and will conveniently premiere right after PLL‘s Halloween episode. The network just released a new trailer for the spin-off, and by the looks of it, October 22 cannot come soon enough!

Make sure to tune into ABC family on October 22 to catch the Pretty Little Liars: Halloween Special AND the world premiere of Ravenswood!