Caroline Hjelt Says Upcoming Icona Pop Album Will Offer a New Side


Caroline Hjelt from Icona Pop stopped by On Air with Ryan Seacrest to chat the band’s hit song “I Love It” and their upcoming album This Is…Icona Pop.

Caroline shares the group was formed when she instantly clicked with bandmate Aino Jawo a few years ago. “We met at a party at my place because we have a mutual friend and Aino was very down at the bottom because she was dumped by her boyfriend so she was home in bed and she thought she could never smile again,” Caroline admits.

“But then our mutual friend said, ‘Hey I’m going to come to your place and I’m going to drag you to this party because you need to have fun.’ And that was at my place…we met and it was love at first sight.” Adding: “I was like, ‘Where have you been all my life?’ I would describe our relationship like very weird because we hang out like 24/7, we work together and we have so much fun. [But] we never argue.”

Laughing the one thing they don’t share is, of course, boyfriends. However when it comes to boyfriends and especially breakups, the pair is more than willing to express their feelings together. Take the duo’s hit song “I Love It” for example, which Caroline describes as: “A very emotional song [and] very angry but still very liberating…it’s about coming out from a really bad heartbreak and that day when you wake up after a few weeks in bed and you realize, ‘Hey, I deserve better.'”

And although the girls are most well known for the hit track “I Love It” they have a lot more where that came from on their upcoming album This Is…Icona Pop. Caroline shares they’ve been “writing the album for four years” now.

Adding: “This album has been around in every city. We’ve been recording it in parking lots, hotel rooms, we always have a microphone with us. So people are really going to hear the journey we’ve been through. We’ve been having the most amazing years of our lives and it’s a very personal album and for those who just know us for ‘I Love It’, I think they will see a lot of new sides of Icona Pop as well.”

We can’t wait! Until then, download the duo’s latest single “All Nighthere and pre-order This Is…Icona Pop, which drops September 24,  here!