Tamra Talks Eddie’s Racy Bachelor Party, Vicki Taking Back Brooks


Real Housewives of Orange County star Tamra Barney — now Tamra Judge! — is letting fans in on even more of her life with her new Bravo special, Tamra’s OC Wedding, about marrying Eddie Judge.

The newlywed gushed when she phoned in to On Air with Ryan Seacrest that she couldn’t be happier about getting married for the third time and although she had some reservations, she admits she felt she owed Housewives fans the inside look at her happily ever after.

“I mean, there are definitely some moments with my family in there that I’m not very proud of, but I think a lot of people relate to it and the fact that families fight,” Tamra explains. “As far as the wedding goes, I feel like the viewers have seen me in a bad marriage, getting divorced, finding love and I feel like I’d be gypping them if I didn’t show them the wedding.”

However, one part Tamra probably could have lived without seeing was Eddie’s interaction with a stripper at his bachelor party in Las Vegas. As shown in part one of the special, Tamra’s now-husband got a little too comfortable with the dancer … just when Tamra busted in on them.

So was Tamra able to watch the scene back when it aired on Monday night? And more importantly, how did she feel about the whole situation?

“Of course, I had to pause and stare at it for a while,” she admits. “I felt that he shouldn’t have his hands on her, but I think with him, he was trying to get me back after what he saw in Mexico … I think he was trying to one-up me and I think it just played out kind of nasty.”

Tamra goes on to defend Eddie’s actions, laughing: “Well he felt he was doing his job because the cameras were on him. He said he had the best two-hour lap dance of his life because the cameras were there and he had to continue and keep going because we film for hours and hours.”

And after seeing the first of three episodes, and all the insanity that’s already ensued, Tamra admits the wedding did go on beautifully and surprisingly drama-free.

“Part three is just beautiful,” she says. “I didn’t want any drama, unlike the Housewives show… I just really wanted it to be special … we had security there and if anybody acted up they were gone … so it was really just a beautiful moment.”

But, one thing that didn’t go Tamra’s way was involving her four kids in the TV special. “One thing that bummed me out was my children were at the wedding … they were in the wedding … and Eddie did vows to the kids, but because my ex would not let them be filmed, they had to cut all that out.”

On a different note, when asked about all that went down at the reunion special for Real Housewives of Orange County, Tamra admits some shocking news. “I think Vicki [Gunvalson] and Brooks are still together … so that was a little bit shocking to a lot of us.”

Tamra adds: “Actually, after those reunions film and they air, none of us girls really talk for awhile. We need a break. We break-up for awhile.”

“Right now, I don’t want to see any of them, I don’t want to talk. I just want to concentrate on CUT Fitness and my kids and my husband and things like that. There is so much drama in the show that sometimes it’s great to just take a little break.”

Although the newlywed may be taking a break, fans can continue to enjoy the drama and catch the second episode of Bravo’s Tamra’s OC Wedding on Monday at 8/7c.