Ariana Grande Talks Justin Bieber, Nathan Sykes Romance Rumors


Ariana Grande sings a lot about love on her brand new debut album, Yours Truly, but who is she talking about?

The 20-year-old stopped by On Air with Ryan Seacrest to chat about her music, all those romance rumors … and how she’s already working on her second album!

Even though most people know her best as her character Cat Valentine on Nickelodeon’s iCarly, Victorious, and Sam & Cat, Ariana (pictured above with Ryan and her manager, Scooter Braun) says she wants to show more of herself — her real self — with her music. “Singing is my passion — music is everything to me — but I was lucky enough to be a part of a television show on Nickelodeon for a really long time and now I’m doing my own show on Nickelodeon called Sam & Cat, so I act a little bit, but singing is what comes naturally to me.”

There are lots of great songs on Yours Truly, including her No. 1 hit “The Way,” but which is her favorite?

“‘Honeymoon Avenue’ is one of the most special songs … it was one of the first songs we recorded when we started working on the album like three years ago … and it’s come full circle, like it used to sound completely different. The thing about the song is it’s about a relationship that goes bad and just wishing that it could be happy again. It sounded super cheery when we first did it, like it had this upbeat, Motown vibe, and then we completely rearranged it, the emotional content of the song, and now it sounds finally right and I’m happy.”

Although she’s still young, Ariana is showing how much she has grown up through her music.

“That’s the most exciting part of putting this record out — not only because it’s been a dream of mine since I was a little girl — but people have known me so long as my character on Nickelodeon and this is my chance to let people see me as a person. I’m excited to show them that I am a person. And it’s also really vulnerable, which is scary because if they don’t like it, it’s me, as opposed to them not liking a character.”

Of course, lots of people like Ariana … one in particular: Nathan Sykes of The Wanted, who duets with her on “Almost Is Never Enough.” There have been rumors about the two that they may be more than friends, especially after their intense body language in the music video for the song, but Ariana is playing it cool. “He’s awesome,” she gushes. And when Ryan says he thinks Nathan is a good guy, she will only tell us: “I like him too.”

As for how their duet came about, Ariana says the song was initially a solo ballad. But then, “I got an email from Scooter Braun, my manager, and it said, ‘Check this out,’ and it was a version of the song with Nathan on it and it completely surprised me, and I was like, ‘Oh my goodness.'”

And what about that other heartthrob she has been linked to, Justin Bieber? Beliebers were all worked up after Ariana tweeted a photo of Justin kissing her on the cheek after she opened up for him on tour. “It was at a meet and greet!” she insists. “It’s a kiss on a cheek!”

In fact, when Ellen brings up the reports that Nathan and Justin are fighting for her love, Ariana just calls it “humorous.”

For now, she’s focused on her music, and that includes a second album. Even though Yours Truly just came out this week, Ariana reveals, “I started working on the second album a few weeks ago.”

So how will it differ from her debut? She’s a little stumped, but does explain that although she’s “very happy” with Yours Truly, she wants the second one “to be different. I don’t know. I haven’t really thought about how I want to change anything. I guess it’s just about writing, honestly, about what’s happening in my life. I think that will be where the best material comes from.”

Time will tell if there will be any songs about Justin or Nathan!

Until then, buy Yours Truly on iTunes here.