Twerking Gone Wrong: Girl Sets Herself on Fire in New Viral Video


Twerking is all fun and games … until someone sets themselves on fire.

That was the case in a new viral video of Caitlin Heller who was twerking upside down against a door when her roommate opened it and knocked her over into a coffee table full of lit candles!

As soon as she lands onto the table, her right leg almost immediately catches on fire. The video cuts off as soon as she jumps on the couch, screaming.

“I tried making a sexy twerk video for my boyfriend and things got a little too hot,” Caitlin writes in the video’s description on YouTube.

Since posting it on Tuesday, the “Worst Twerk Fail EVER” has gone viral with more than 339,000 views and counting.

But most importantly, we’re glad to see Caitlin is ok!