Arsenio Hall Talks Return to Late Night TV With ‘The Arsenio Hall Show’


Arsenio Hall is returning to his talk show roots after 20 years away on Monday night.

The comedian’s return to the small screen comes with The Arsenio Hall Show, a new late-night syndicated talk show with guests consisting of a mix of top talent from music, comedy, film, TV, and sports. The 57-year-old tells On Air with Ryan Seacrest: “The plan for the new show is to kind of be the same Arsenio with less hair, less shoulder pads and possibly a different Thicke this time around.”

Which Thicke is he talking about? “I remember a time when I would have Alan Thicke or Gloria Loring on and their kids would be with them and Robin [Thicke] used to ask me about R&B singers. Like he was the only white kid that would say, ‘What’s Johnny Gill like?’ Like, ‘Who is this child? And why is he asking me these questions?!’ He knew then who he was.”

Arsenio adds that he hopes his 20-year break from hosting will help his return. “There’s a part of me that realized getting away was probably the best thing that ever happened to me. I hope I still look young enough to make this comeback.”

One person that believes in Arsenio’s comeback is legendary singer Prince. Arsenio shares that the artist “was one of the guys that taught me in the early days: ‘The word business is larger than the word show.’ …He said, ‘Save me a night, congratulations.'”

Catch guests like Chris TuckerMark HarmonLisa KudrowIce CubeEarvin “Magic” JohnsonGeorge Lopez, and Angela Bassett during The Arsenio Hall Show‘s premiere week which kicks off tonight. Click here to check your local listings.