Britney Spears Teases New Video With Sexy Photos


Britney Spears is preparing her fans for her highly anticipated Good Morning America performance by teasing some sexy new photos from her “Work Bitch” music video!

Britney Spears to Premiere New Music on ‘Good Morning America’? 

The photos include the “Oh La La” singer dressed in a hot blue bikini behind the scenes of the shoot and a still from the video itself.

If these pics aren’t enough to thrill you, guess what iconic song may be sampled on the Britney’s new single?

RuPaul’s hit, “Supermodel (You Better Work),” has been rumored after “Work Bitch” producer, Jean Baptiste, posted the song’s lyrics on his Facebook… “Work, turn to the left, work, now turn to the right, work.”

Miley Cyrus-Britney Spears Collaboration Confirmed

Soon after on September 6, the Drag Race host tweeted to Britney: “Werk Bitch.”

Catch Britney on Good Morning America Tuesday, September 17 to see her perform and hopefully share some exciting announcements about her new album. Who’s excited?

For now all we can say is… Britney, you better work!