iHeartRadio Music Festival: 5 Reasons Why We ‘Heart’ Ke$ha


“Tik Tok,” we’re literally counting down the days until this year’s iHeartRadio Music Festival, where Ke$ha will perform in front of a bunch of “Crazy Kids” at Las Vegas’ MGM Grand.

The two-day festival will take place on September 20 and 21 … and we’re pretty positive that it will “Blow” your mind. Ke$ha will take the stage alongside several other iHeartRadio performers, such as Katy Perry, Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars, and many others!

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We’re a little obsessed with Ke$ha’s wild ways, and you should be too! Here are 5 reasons why we “heart” Ke$ha…

1. She’s brilliant

Ke$ha’s talents stretch far beyond her vocal cords and expertise in the art of “glitter-bombing.” In fact, she’s an extremely bright bulb; don’t underestimate her intelligence! At 17, Ke$ha dropped out of high school, leaving her International Baccalaureate studies behind. Despite her desire to study psychology at Columbia University, she decided to give up “the college life” to pursue music instead.


2. She’s a friend to animals

Four-legged beings play a large role in Ke$ha’s life. Her first album, Animal, pays (literal) tribute to her love for anything and everything wild. She even encourages her fans to discover their own spirit animals, using the “Spirt Animal Quiz” on her website. (Ke$ha, you’re OUR spirit animal!) Besides all that, Ke$ha is an influential animal rights activist. She’s received the 2013 Wyler Award at the Humane Society’s Genesis Awards, which honors a particular public figure for his or her attention to animal-related issues. PETA also loves Ke$ha, especially after she complained to McDonalds’ CEO, begging them to stop treating animals unfairly. Her letter is extremely bold … and awesome — just like her!


3. Her makeup is impressive

Not many people can smear glitter all over their face and make it look halfway decent. When Ke$ha does it, she looks phenomenal! Her makeup appears to make a public statement, letting her fans know that it’s cool to be crazy and unique. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Ke$ha reaches out to her fans, saying “… you need to celebrate who you are. Every weird thing about you is beautiful and makes life interesting.”


4. Parties aren’t complete without her

Imagine attending a party where Ke$ha jams aren’t on the playlist. (Sounds like a pretty lame party, right?) Her music can liven up any event. From dance parties to birthday get-togethers, Ke$ha should always be invited. “C’mon” now, you must admit that “We R Who We R” is a soundtrack must-have.


5. She’s speaks her mind

Back in 2010, Ryan interviewed Ke$ha and asked her to describe her relationship with the main character in her song “Stephen.” She responded bluntly, saying “He won’t call me, so obviously there must be something wrong with him.” (You go, girl!) Also, if you don’t follow Ke$ha on Twitter, then you should … because the “Take It Off” singer doesn’t mess around when it comes to her opinions.


Make sure to check out Ke$ha’s performance at the 2013 iHeartRadio Music Festival! Listen in LIVE on Clear Channel radio stations OR watch the two-night television debut on The CW. The television performances will air on September 30 and October 1 at 8 p.m.