Lady Gaga Puts on ‘Wizard of Oz’-Inspired ‘GMA’ Performance: Video


Somewhere over the rainbow, Lady Gaga performed on Good Morning America on Monday morning.

Dressed as Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz (and with her dog Fozzy as Toto), the “Applause” singer, wearing ruby booties, started off her show with a killer A cappella version of the classic song before going into her new single.

After following the Yellow Brick Road, Gaga quickly hops offstage … and returns as Glinda the Good Witch.

By the time she’s into the second verse, the singer rips off her wig and pulls out a red apple, which seems more like Snow White than Wizard of Oz. (Or maybe it’s a nod to the apple-throwing trees?)

Her final costume change? A blue-and-white gingham-pattern jacket with hair bow a la Dorothy!

Afterwards, Gaga chatted about ARTPOP with Robin Roberts and Lara Spencer: