Travie McCoy Talks ‘Rough Water’ and Future of Gym Class Heroes


The same day we premiered “Rough Water,” the new single from Travie McCoy (featuring Jason Mraz on vocals), the Gym Class Heroes frontman called in to On Air with Ryan Seacrest to open up about the hot new track, his two beloved dogs, and if he is still with his band.

As for “Rough Water,” Travie explains, “You can’t really lose with a love song. Chicks definitely dig it, but guys … are gonna appreciate it as well.”

Although the singer-rapper likely wrote it about a girlfriend, he has two other beings he loves dearly: his two French bulldogs, Stitchy and Scrump.

Still, there is one thing Travie could do without. “Not only do they pass gas,” he jokes, “but it is the most pungent … but it is what it is. If your girlfriend has gas, you wouldn’t stop loving her.”

And he still loves his Gym Class Heroes bandmates, too, even if he’s currently doing his solo thing. “Gym Class Heroes are going nowhere,” Travie insists. “I mean, that’s my backbone. Those are my brothers. Everything I do falls under the Gym Class Heroes umbrella. The guys are always supportive of anything I do musically outside the band and it’s reciprocated. Anything they do outside of Gym Class Heroes, I support 100%.”

The only thing Ryan couldn’t get out of Travie? Whether or not there is any truth to the rumors about him and Kristen Stewart. “I have no idea what you’re talking about!”

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