Bastille Gives Miley Cyrus’ ‘We Can’t Stop’ Rock Treatment: Video


Miley Cyrus may have moved on to her second single, “Wrecking Ball,” but her first song off Bangerz is still getting lots of attention.

British rock band Bastille — whose debut album, Bad Blood, just came out in the U.S. — covered Miley’s hit single during an appearance on the BBC’s Radio 1 program, but gave it a rock edge.

The quartet actually start the song out with a guitar riff that sounds exactly like Eminem‘s “Lose Yourself” before going into the lyrics of “We Can’t Stop.”

If their cover wasn’t different enough, Bastille then go into “Achy Breaky Heart,” Billy Ray Cyrus‘ 1992 hit, but they change the lyrics slightly to: “Don’t break his heart / His achy breaky heart / I just don’t think he’ll understand,” which causes lead singer Dan Smith to start to laugh.

He then tweaks the lyrics again. “And she can’t stop / And she won’t stop / Can’t you see it’s she who owns the night / Can’t you see it’s she who’s about that life.”