Viral Video of Twerking Girl Who Set Herself on Fire Was Kimmel Prank


So it seems twerking isn’t really dangerous after all!

After a video of a young woman setting herself on fire — after she twerked upside against a door, which was opened, sending her into table of lit candles — went viral, it has come out that it was all one big prank pulled by Jimmy Kimmel Live.

On Monday night’s episode, the host started off a segment with an exclusive interview with the disgraced twerker, Caitlin Heller, via satellite, but then Jimmy pulled back a curtain and revealed “Caitlin” was not only backstage (and not in Kansas City, Missouri), but her name wasn’t Caitlin (it’s Daphne and she’s a stuntwoman) … and it was all a set up.

In fact, Jimmy then showed the “director’s cut” of her viral video, which ends with Jimmy — dressed in the same pink top and black yoga pants as “Caitlin” — putting the fire out with an extinguisher.

Did you have a feeling the video was a fake?