It Can Wait: Tyler Ward Takes Pledge to Not Text and Drive


YouTube sensation Tyler Ward has come a long way from living in his father’s basement!

“About two years ago, my dad was like, ‘Son, you’ve got two years to do music. Then, you’re gonna have to go to school and get yourself a real job,'” explains tyler, who is working on his first full-length album.

“So I struggled and struggled and struggled trying to do it, playing bar after bar after bar. And all of a sudden, one day, it just worked … It’s amazing to go from living in your dad’s basement to be able to just create music everyday, whether it’s a photo shoot, or rehearsing with the band, or playing shows, or meeting fans … I’m fortunate to do what I do for a living. I wouldn’t want that to go away.”

That’s why Tyler has taken AT&T’s pledge to not text and drive.

You too can take the pledge … just head to!