John Mayer Copies Katy Perry’s Semi Truck Promotional Stunt


John Mayer seems to be getting promotional advice from girlfriend, Katy Perry… because he’s taken her semi-truck for a spin!

John Mayer Talks Collaboration with Girlfriend Katy Perry 

Fans can see the “Wildfire” singer’s latest advertising scheme for his recently released album,”Paradise Valley,” in a picture he posted to Facebook on Tuesday. John’s truck is plastered with the album cover, which is the singer standing in a valley surrounded by majestic mountains.



But aren’t you feeling some deja vu here?

Katy sent her giant, golden semi-truck across the U.S. to flaunt her name and new album title, Prism, on its metallic walls. She eventually jumped out the back of it in New York City on August 12.

Katy Perry Looks Gorgeous on ‘Prism’ Album Cover

So does “Katy Cat” have a copycat boyfriend?

Look out for John’s truck trekking the roads near you during his fall tour!