Dianna Agron Talks ‘The Family’ and If She’s Returning to ‘Glee’


Dianna Agron is getting her hands dirty in The Family. 

The blond actress is switching up her usual nice-girl act we’ve seen on Glee and playing the daughter of a Mafia family that has relocated to Paris after being placed in the witness protection group.

Dianna phoned in to On Air with Ryan Seacrest to joke about her killer role. “Yes … I take a couple people down.”

And with The Family also starring Robert De Niro and Michelle Pfeiffer, we had to ask how was working with such Hollywood legends?

“Bobby is the nicest,” she admits. “But also he’s playing my dad, so if we’re going to be method, we have to be sweet to each other.”

However, the real treat for Dianna was the location of where they shot the film. “[Director] Luc Besson takes you to Paris and Normandy for three months, so that’s not hard living at all and you’re filming this really fun dark comedy, so it was all the makings for a really great environment.”

As for the fate of Dianna on FOX’s hit show Glee, she shared she’s not sure if she’ll be returning. “I have no idea,” Dianna admits. “I would love it, but I’m not sure, we’ll see.”

Catch The Family in theaters Friday, September 13.