Justin Bieber Introduces Madison Beer: ‘She’s Going to Be a Star’


In July of 2012, Justin Bieber tweeted YouTube performer Madison Beer, complementing her cover performance of Eta James’ “At Last.” Madison reacted to the tweet with such excitement that Justin chose to remain in contact with the young singer.

As a past YouTube performer himself, Justin possesses a knack for scouting out talent on the site. Since Justin’s tweet, Madison’s music has skyrocketed in popularity. She has quickly become a YouTube sensation, performing covers and mash-ups of popular songs. She even performed alongside Cody Simpson, in their song “Valentine”!

On Thursday morning, Justin took to Twitter for a second time, encouraging fans to check out Madison’s new single, “Melodies.” Well… we checked out her music video, and we completely agree with you Justin. The 14-year-old Madison Beer has some SERIOUS skills.

Justin makes a cameo appearance in the music video, giving Madison a pair of headphones — setting the premise for the rest of the video.

Check out “Melodies” for yourself!