Was Dianna Agron Nervous to Work With Robert De Niro?


Dianna Agron is ditching her blond Glee ponytail and channeling her Mafia self in The Family. 

Playing the murderously violent daughter of Robert De Niro‘s mobster character, we could only imagine how nervous the 27-year-old actress must have been to work alongside one of Hollywood’s most iconic “tough guys.”

So how was working with De Niro?

Dianna tells On Air with Ryan Seacrest: “No, Bobby is the nicest, but he’s also playing my Dad, so we have to be sweet to each other. But they’re all so wonderful, so it was all the makings for a great environment.”

Considering they’re on the “Bobby” level, it’s clear there is no fear in that relationship!

Catch The Family out in theaters today.