Ariana Grande Copes With Vocal Rest by Rescuing a Puppy


Apparently, Ariana Grande‘s vocal cords cannot keep up with her recent success!

The chart-topping artist maintains an extremely busy schedule, especially in the midst of promoting her new album, Yours Truly. Ariana was just named the 15th solo female artist to reach the No.1 Billboard 200 spot — and did we mention she’s only 20-years-old? It’s no wonder she’s out of breath!

Ariana Grande’s ‘Yours Truly’ Debuts at No. 1 on Billboard 200

Due to the extreme amount of vocal stress, doctors have instructed her to stop singing– temporarily, of course!

When the news of Ariana’s condition broke, fans showered the young singer with well wishes, in the hopes of a quick recovery. Meanwhile, Ariana has remained active on Twitter and Instagram, constantly thanking fans for their support and concern.

But besides spending time with family and watching movies with friends… what BETTER way to soothe one’s vocal cords than to rescue a puppy! On Thursday afternoon, Ariana posted a picture of her newly-adopted puppy — Toulouse.

Here’s to you, Ariana and Toulouse! We hope you feel better soon!