Matt Beilis Uses iPhone to Debut New Single ‘Dial Tone’: Video


Hold the phone … Matt Beilis‘ new single “Dial Tone” is finally here, and has the exclusive premiere!

Dive into the New Yorker’s iPhone and watch his triumphant, heartbreaking ballad come to life in a visually captivating lyric video! The creative clip uses text message, Google search, and a variety of iPhone apps to display his foot-tapping lyrics.

The newly released track opens with an electrifying violin solo accompanied by a soothing piano rhythm as he sings his catchy hook, “It cost too much for me to / run from us / it’s your turn to f**k it up / it’s your turn to hang it up first / so I’m staying on the phone / waiting for the dial tone.”

In case you’ve been “disconnected,” the singer-songwriter began his career as a YouTuber, using his distinct voice to cover his favorite tracks including Jay Z‘s “Holy Grail” and Justin Timberlake‘s “Mirrors.” With just him and his ivory keys, the pianist immediately became an Internet sensation, receiving hundreds and then thousands of hits and adoring subscribers.

Like what you hear? You can purchase Matt’s music on iTunes!

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