Jenny McCarthy Says She Wants to Shock Her ‘View’ Co-Hosts


Jenny McCarthy has officially made her debut on The View and she’s already switched it up!

The blond is loving the gig, telling On Air with Ryan Seacrest: “I enjoy being myself … you know, I don’t think they’re used to having maybe some sex talk at the table. [But] the thing is, I think politics is too boring for your coffee in the morning.”

The irreverent mom adds: “I wanted to bring some of my late night in to the morning. I saw Barbara [Walters] do a couple little head turns here and there.”

And although she’s already noticed a glance or two from Barbara, Jenny admits part of the fun of the new gig is being able to shock her co-hosts. “I cant wait to get to know them more and shock them,” she admits.

One shocking move Jenny pulled was bringing her boyfriend, New Kids On the Block member Donnie Wahlberg, on the show as one of her first guests.

“He was booked to come on later in the month to promote Blue Bloods,” Jenny explains. “And I just said, ‘Can you move it up?’ Because he makes me feel really comfortable.”

The 40-year-old, who started dating Donnie back in July, gushes: “He made me feel calm and … I know it was out of bounds for him to do and I was really grateful.”

However, Jenny and Donnie’s relationship didn’t start off as easily. In fact, Donnie didn’t call Jenny for two whole weeks!

“If I was a guy, I would’ve waited four weeks to call Jenny McCarthy out of fear,” Jenny jokes. “I have a strong personality. I’m bold. And I don’t know what the real reason was behind [him not calling but] I don’t care because now he did call and we are getting along great.”

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