Andy Samberg: Miley Cyrus Is ‘Going to Be Great’ on ‘Saturday Night Live’


Andy Samberg is one busy guy these days between his new TV show, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and his upcoming wedding to singer Joanna Newsom.

“So far, its been nothing but stress and joy,” he joked to On Air with Ryan Seacrest. “The joy is the lady herself. The stress is the planning. We tried to go small and it was just impossible. There’s too many relatives, too many friends.”

Less stressful for Andy has been Brooklyn Nine-Nine. On the new comedy series, he plays a detective, “which is very believable,” jokes Andy.

As for a promotional photo from the pilot in which Andy is in his underwear, he explains that his character’s new captain (played by Andre Braugher) was giving him a hard time about not wearing tie to work. “So in order to prove to him that I’ll wear a tie, I then take off my pants. It seems like a fair trade to me.”

Despite the prank, Andy says his character is more than just the goofball at the precinct. “I’m also hyper-good at the job, so I’m kind of like the kid in class with ADD, who’s like five steps ahead of the teacher.”

Since Andy spent seven seasons on Saturday Night Live, we of course had to ask him if he thinks Miley Cyrus will do a good job hosting (and performing).

“I think she’s going to do great,” he says. “People have been asking me this and I’m actually happy to step in and say, ‘I think she’s going to be great.’ She was on a few times when I was there … and I did a short with her and she was delightful.”

Check out Andy’s new show, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, when it premieres tonight on FOX at 8:30/7:30c.