Why Won’t Tanya Date Her Best Guy Friend, John?


Would you date your best friend?

Although Tanya is super close with her very handsome friend John — he shows up at her apartment on Sundays with flowers for crying out loud! — she refuses to take their relationship to the next level.

Even crazier, John doesn’t want to date Tanya either!

Naturally, Ryan had to call up John to get to the bottom of this. What’s his issue?

“You know, Ryan, I was raised by two very strong women,” explains John. “My sister Piper and my mother, and I was taught very early on you can appreciate women for much more than something sexual.”

Sounds good, right? Well, Ryan thinks it’s all just part of his game!

But is he attracted to Tanya? “I think Tanya is a very beautiful, wonderful woman,” says John (and of course, we agree with him). “Let me explain it this way: When you find a woman who is more intelligent, more capable than anyone else in the world, you can draw inspiration from them. You can appreciate them for something more than sexual. After 12 years of friendship, they become more than a best friend. They become a sister … that would just be weird now, to be honest with you.”

Tanya agrees with John’s reasoning for why they’ve always kept things platonic. “Guys comes and go,” she says, “but I feel like I’ll have John in my life forever.”

What do you think … should Tanya just get together with John already or remain only friends with him? They look good together, no?