Aaron Paul: ‘Breaking Bad’ Finale Is ‘Very Violent, Very Brutal’


There are only two more episodes left before the series finale of AMC’s Breaking Bad!

One of the show’s stars, Aaron Paul, called in to On Air with Ryan Seacrest to talk about its end and how his character Jesse survived beyond the first season … and whether or not he makes it beyond the September 29 finale.

“He was supposed to be killed off at the end of the first season and once we did the pilot, Vince Gilligan, our creator, just decided that he loved kind of the butting head element that Jesse and Walter White brought to the show, so he decided to keep Jesse around, which meant keep me around. Thank God that happened!”

But will Jesse survive the finale? Aaron’s not giving up any info. “All I can say is it gets very messy. I mean, the show is very messy at this moment, and each season gets progressively darker, but we only have two hours left to tell the story … and so it just gets very violent, very brutal very fast. I’m excited for people to find out what happens.”

Despite the darkness in Aaron’s work, his personal life is much more light and positive. Case in point: his marriage to wife Lauren Parsekian, who he met at Coachella.

“I was introduced through a mutual friend and I spent the weekend together, this big group, running around all weekend,” says Aaron. “And then we were friends for a year. She was seeing someone, and I started seeing someone. Then the next year at Coachella, we were both single and that was that. We had our first kiss on the ferris wheel that night. I told her that night I was going to marry her. I did love her … I just loved what she was all about.”

In fact, Aaron and his Breaking Bad co-stars, including Bryan Cranston, will be on-hand for a special finale event at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery … which benefits Lauren’s charity!

“The reason we’re doing this big finale event is for her organization, Kind Campaign, explains Aaron. “All the proceeds go to that charity, which is an incredible thing. It’s all about putting an end to bullying.”

For more information on the event, and how to enter to win a special VIP package (for you and a guest), go to Omaze.com/BreakingBad for more info!