Robot Gives Little Boy His Heart in Five For Fighting’s ‘What If’ Video


After debuting his song “Heaven Knows” last week, Five For Fighting is releasing the music video for “What If” and have the exclusive premiere.

The song asks a series of thought-provoking questions — which is the central theme of many Five For Fighting tunes — about seeing the world through someone else as he sings, “What if I had your heart? / What if you wore my scars? … What if you were me and what if I were you?”

The newly-released video, directed by Roman White, takes you into a desolate forest where a robot brings a little boy to life by giving him his heart. The touching video chronicles their life together, and as the two grow old, the boy eventually says goodbye to the “deceased” robot by tying him to a bouquet of balloons and sending him into the sunset.

John Ondrasik, the mesmerizing vocalist who goes by Five For Fighting, says, “Roman White’s ‘What If’ video is my favorite of all Five For Fighting videos. It is a wonderful film that touches on love, mortality, and the little robot in all of us…”

“What If” will be on Five For Fighting’s sixth studio album, Bookmarks, which is available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon.