iHeartRadio Music Festival: 5 Reasons Why We ‘Heart’ Chris Brown


The iHeart Radio Music Festival starts on Friday! Will you be there?

Today we celebrate Chris Brown who will perform at the two-day festival alongside Katy Perry, Justin Timberlake, Drake, and many more.

From the dance floor to the silver screen, Chris has been everywhere and had his ups and downs since his debut single, “Run It,” dropped in 2005, but here are five reasons why we “heart” Chris Brown.

1. There’s No Denying His Dance Moves

Though his name is often synonymous with controversy, Chris put the naysayers to bed after his 2011 VMA performance, showing that his reign on the dance floor is still alive and well.

2. He Still ‘Runs’ It

Who could forget Brown’s infectious debut single ‘Run It’? The Scott Storch produced party track ran the airwaves in 2005 and brought Chris into the limelight at the age of 16.

3. He Has an Artistic Side

Although his neighbors might not be the biggest fan of his artistic side, Breezy’s knack for graffiti art is hard to ignore. It’s been praised by fans and fellow celebs alike (Justin Bieber included) and resulted in Brown’s foray into fashion with his colorful Black Pyramid clothing line.

4. He’s No Stranger to The Silver Screen

After his 2007 film debut in Stomp the Yard, Chris went on to star in This Christmas the very same year. His latest venture in Battle of the Year is right up his alley, a dance film costarring Josh Peck and Josh Holloway hitting theaters Friday, September 20.

5. He Can Rap Too

Remember Breezy’s 2011 single ‘Look At Me Now‘ with Busta Rhymes and Lil’ Wayne? Though some say he was overshadowed by Busta’s unforgettable verse, Chris can rhyme (pretty fast for that matter). For all the controversy, the guy is an undeniable talent.