Justin Timberlake Will Debut New Songs at iHeartRadio Music Festival


The iHeartRadio Music Festival kicks off on Friday in Las Vegas and Justin Timberlake will be headlining on Saturday night.

The “Take Back the Night” singer called in to On Air with Ryan Seacrest to chat about his big performance, as well as what fans can expect from the upcoming sequel to his The 20/20 Experience album.

So which of his huge hits are on the setlist for iHeartRadio Festival? “I have not put the set list together yet because, as you know, I procrastinate on things like that, but we are looking at playing some new material from the second half of this record, so I’m excited for people to hear it.”

When Justin started writing and recording The 20/20 Experience more than a year ago, he had 20 to 30 songs and after he narrowed it down to one album’s worth of material, “I just felt like so much of it went together. I wanted to release a double album, but then after speaking to my label, we thought it would an interesting idea to see what it would be like to split up a double album and release it over the course of a year … I probably had four or five different versions of how to put this music out.”

As for how he decided which songs went on which album, Justin explains that, “The songs that I released in March just reminded me of summertime a little bit more and the songs that are coming out this month felt a little darker so they made me feel like … the fall/winter collection.”

A new album and touring are not the only things JT has going on right now … he’s also starring in Runner Runner alongside Ben Affleck.

“I got excited when I first read the script because it reminded me of a type of genre of thriller that you and I probably grew up with. The characters are really intelligent and the movie could go either direction. When I was reading it, it wasn’t clear ‘This is the bad guy and this is the good guy.’ It felt like a nice little twist and also an homage to the thrillers I liked growing up. And then Ben Affleck signed on and I was like, ‘OK, let’s definitely do this movie.’ So we had a lot of fun shooting it and it’s a lot of fun. It’s smart and it’s got a lot in it.”

Runner Runner hits theaters on October 4. If you want to see Justin before then, check him out on tour (find tickets here).