Britney Spears Talks Las Vegas Show and Sickly Helicopter Ride


Britney Spears is officially back!

Not only is her latest single, “Work B**ch,” the No. 1 song in over 35 countries, but pop princess has officially announced she’ll be taking on a two-year Las Vegas residency at Planet Hollywood, Britney: Piece of Me, kicking off December 27.

And she announced it in true legend fashion. Brit was helicoptered in to a remote location in the desert where fans were waiting holding hundreds of cards which formed a giant picture of Britney. However, the ride wasn’t all that smooth. Britney explains to On Air with Ryan Seacrest after reports surfaced she got sick in the helicopter:”I did actually … They said it would be a 10 to 15 minute ride and we get up there and it was 50 minutes!”

“And I’m a horrible flyer and then at one point we couldn’t circle anymore,” Brit continues. “We had to stay in one place so we could shoot the people and the helicopter kept dropping and going lower, so I just got really, really nauseated and I thought I was going to throw up on everybody. It was really embarrassing! I was like, ‘Oh god! You’ve got to get me on the ground now!'”

Britney thankfully survived her helicopter fear, and has hit the ground running—literally! The mom of two boys shares when it comes to her latest hit “Work B**ch” the phrase isn’t something she uses in her day-to-day life. “That’s not something I use in my everyday life, but surely my dance choreographers use it. They’re gay, so they’re…like, ‘Britney, in this song you’re not Mommy Britney, you’re Nasty Mommy B**ch.”

And although the single, which has made it’s way up the charts, is a dance anthem, Britney reveals we can expect the most personal music she’s ever released with her upcoming eighth studio album.

“It’s the most personal album I’ve ever done,” she admits. “After having a huge breakup this year, I had a lot to say in the studio so it was nice to have a therapy like that and to be able to share that with my fans … so it’s a real personal album.”

So will Britney have a hard time performing these songs and reliving those hard times? Not at all. “Usually the stuff that really comes from the heart is usually the best stuff and has the best beat and really kind of helps you get over the breakup really easy cause you sing about it and have to think about it every night. But then you’re like, ‘It’s okay! I’m performing now so it’s totally fine. You just get over it and it’s like a therapeutic way to get over it.”

And speaking of performing, Britney will have two years to do so in Vegas with her upcoming residency which won’t disappoint. She explains: “Every time I do a show, I like to really bring it and I love to be really entertained and coming from theater, I love to put on a show. So we are going to have all the works—snow, water, rain, everything!”

Tickets for Britney: Piece of Me go on sale today at 10 a.m. PT. Head to to get tickets and for more show information.