Ross Mathews on Emmys Fashion: Claire Danes Stole the Show


Ross Mathews helped guide viewers through the fashion last night on the Emmys red carpet for E! and phoned in to On Air with Ryan Seacrest to dish on everything from who wore what best to who should’ve worn something else.

“You have to be talking about Claire Danes because I think she stole the show…and Sofia Vergara in that Vera Wang,” he gushes.

As for other celebrities like Heidi Klum, who wore a high-neck halter dress, Ross admits: “It was fantastic, but I think the neck went up a little too high. It looked like it was like heimlich style. I felt like she was choking with it … but the dress was great.”

As for Lena Dunham, who wore a floral-printed ensemble, Ross jokes: “Okay well, got to go! … I cant say anything mean, but it was an arts anf crafts project gone wrong.”

And when Ross isn’t on the carpet critiquing the latest fashion, you can find him on his own new talk show Hello Ross. “It’s a dream for me,” he says about having his own program. “I always wanted to make one for the fans… it’s like LOL for the whole 30 minutes.”

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