Enrique Iglesias on New Single ‘Heart Attack,’ His Writing Process


Enrique Iglesias phoned in to On Air with Ryan Seacrest to talk his new single “Heart Attack.”

The Latin singer describes the dubstep-infused track as a more serious song for him. And with lyrics like, “I thought I never want you back / But I don’t wanna live in a world without you,” we can’t help but notice it’s the typical cycle for both men and women when it comes to relationships.

Enrique agrees and admits: “I don’t know why we do that. I think both girls and guys, we do that to ourselves. But it’s happened to all of us and it’s a story we can all relate to … and you think you’ve learned your lesson and it can happen over and over and over again.”

And considering he’s been in a relationship with Anna Kournikova for years, we have to wonder when it comes to certain lyrics and songs, how does the couple handle it? Does Anna get upset over the lyrics in songs like “Tonight (I’m Lovin You)”?

“There are songs that are more fantasy and there are songs that are more real,” Enrique explains. “The way I look at music and write songs, it’s like when you go to the movies, and some songs are more real and some songs are more fantasy.” However, the chart-topper assures us, “[But] I’ve never had that problem, honestly.”

Enrique goes on to explain his music writing process. Take hit song “Hero” for example, the singer says he channeled his high school days when it came to writing that track.

“I went back to when I was 17 in high school, and this might be cheesy, but I thought about what would be the song I want to slow dance to with my prom date. When I wrote it, it felt good and … I thought I know there is something special in this song.” Same goes for his other hit, “I Like It.”

“‘I Like It’ was one of those songs I did with Red One. I wrote that song in the same spot I wrote ‘Hero,’ which is in my house in this little studio I have next to my bedroom, and I believed in it so much … and then Red One and I sang the chorus at same time and I knew it then that there was something really special … but it took me three years until it came out.”

And considering we’ve been playing “Heart Attack” on repeat, it seems like Enrique’s process is working quite well for him!

Download “Heart Attack” on iTunes October 15.